The Majestic Soul


The world’s first handmade crafted mobile covers for the iPhone X/XS and XS MAX (other sizes will be introduced shortly) with Finger Holder and Airpods box holder, Airpods Buds holder all-in-one (interchangeable).  Now you can carry your phone and your airpods in style.  Handcrafted from genuine Ostrich leather on top of a rubber case offering total protection for your cell without limiting accessibility of the camera or headphone jack.  The rich red color is just the punch of zest needed to invigorate an everyday outfit and project a bullish mood.  The case provides high-quality plastic/rubber material flexible, durable and a good compromise between softer silicone and stiffer polycarbonates.  Multiple shockproof layers of this phone case minimize the chance of catastrophic damage resulting from accidental impact due to sudden drop.  AIRPODS NOT INCLUDED.

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