September 01, 2019

Lost your airpods again? So you can’t quite remember if you left them on the table in the restaurant or coffee shop, or if they fell from your pocket somewhere without you noticing?  And then there was the time where you accidently turned on the wash… only to realize later your airpods were still in your jeans pockets. Sounds familiar?

You might even be the more organized type, who is keeping his/her airpods all day in your ear, for fear of losing them, yet wondering if there could be a better (less painful way) to keep them handy?

Well we have good news!

The first one is: you are perfectly normal, as 70% of airpod users report having lost 1 or the 2 pods (Apple doesn’t mind the repeat business J).

The second is: we have designed -for the trendy users that you are- a collection of bracelets specifically aimed at solving these issues. Not only they hold the airpods in place, making sure they are handy whenever you need to take a phone call, they also look really cool and come in a variety of shapes and designs, so you can wear the perfect match for whatever mood or outfit is yours today!

Don’t hesitate – get ahead of the crowd and choose your favorite Attwear bracelets today, and make sure you never lose your Airpods again!

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