September 01, 2019

Today ATTwear will be launching its global business, head-quartered in Beirut, Lebanon serving the different markets around the world with the world’s first designer bracelets for Apple Airpods.  It’s a new concept to allow user to carry their airpods with them anywhere in style. 

For a while, we have been working on addressing a problem users of Apple airpods have reported experiencing.  Carrying the airpods has its challenges for a lot of users.  The box is bit bulky and is not comfortable to keep in jeans pockets. Airpods are very easy to lose (can be easily misplaced) and can become uncomfortable if kept in the ears all day. The concept of ATTwear formed out of that very need to make this extremely cool piece of equipment a lot easier to fit in your everyday life.

It took quite a lot of research and manufacturing hit and miss to get to the level of quality and style that the team of ATTwear was looking for. It took a lot longer than wished, but quality was always the focus, and the team is clearly proud to be able to launch today this exciting new range of products.

As per their slogan, “you can now carry your airpods in style throughout the day”.  Different designs are available for men and women, with different materials like leather and silver/copper plated designs for different occasions, and for any part of the day. is now online, allowing users from any country to order these unique and brand new products and receive their order in 7-10 working days.  They have partnered with Aramex for the shipping, providing door-to-door services and tracking mechanisms.  Whilst they are launching with their bracelets collection, ATTwear has a lot more ideas in store, and will soon introduce new models and type of products.

The team at ATTwear is focused on getting it right for their customers, and are looking forward to  feedback and comments to help them continuously improve, both products and services.

Watch this space for more updates, and be the first to order your airpod designer bracelets today!

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